Mini tipper

Mini Earthworks and Landscaping service

Mini Earthworks

Mini Bobcat and Excavator

Halligans Mini Earthworks and Landscaping. Servicing Hills areas, Roleystone, Armadale, Kalamunda and Neighboring suburbs.

Tight access sites specialists, Backyards, narrow access under roller doors and carports.

Mini Tipper , Rubble Removal
Mini Bobcat and Excavator
Storm water installations and repairs Armadale, Kelmscott, Lesmurdie, Roleystone.
Storm water installations and repairs.
Ferrocrete Driveways. Ferrocrete Armadale. Ferrocrete supply and Lay.
Ferrocrete Drives and Pathways.
Bobcat service.

Mini bobcat for tight Access sites

Halligans Mini Earthworks Service.

  • Mini tipper 3 tonne
  • Bobcat 2 tonne
  • Mini excavator 2.5tonne with post hole auger and Buckets
  • Specializing in difficult access sites, backyards
  • Hills areas
  • Garden cleanups and leveling
  • Rubble and concrete removal, remove driveways
  • Gravel (ferro crete) Paths and Driveways installed
  • Road base
  • Sand pads
  • Coffee rock stone pitching
  • Terracing
  • Landscaping
  • Demolition removing structures, driveways etc
  • Storm water and soakwells systems installed.
Mini excavator Roleystone
Auger attachment for holes and Piles.
Sandpads Roleystone and hills.
Site works Roleystone, Armadale, Lesmurdie, Kelmscott.
Shed sand pads.
Extension sand pads.
Sand pads and Siteworks
Mini tipper
Mini Tipper, Bobcat and Excavator
Stone pitching retaining walls.
Stone pitching and coffee rock banks
Storm water Drains Roleystone and Hills areas
Storm water systems and soakwells installed Roleystone, Kalamunda and surrounding areas.
Bobcat-Excavator and Mini tipper
Demolition Services


Are you building a home extension, home renovation or landscaping and need earthworks ?

Then talk to Halligans Building – we have many years’ experience in all aspects of residential Earthworks and structural work, and we can help you achieve this.

Sand pad and Earthworks
Storm water Drains Roleystone and Hills areas
Storm water systems installed
Mini Excavator siteworks
Mini excavator
Landscaping and Terracing
Stone pitching Roleystone.
Rock pitching Roleystone,Armadale.
Stone retaining walls.
Coffee rock walls.
Stone pitch retaining walls.