Phil Mcquire – Roleystone

Jun 04, 2021

I have just had a bedroom, ensuite and deck added to my home in Roleystone. The Builder, Kieron, organised all plans and permits that were needed. The timeframe was very short to complete building, and the job is fantastic! Halligans designed the build and drafted the plans. I’m really happy with the layout that I ended up with.

Kieron and his team were great to work with; I liked all of his tradies – they all gave good advice, turned up with a cheerful outlook, and were very helpful indeed. I have used Halligans quite a few years ago and got them back to do this build. In summing up, Halligans is a very reputable, small, local building business, with good tradies and years of experience. Would not hesitate to contract work with them again.

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